About me.

I was born in 1967 and I live in Italy.
I graduated in photography at Bauer Institute in Milan.
I work as teacher in the primary school and I work on photography projects.


Auto: Facoltà di Architettura, Milano 1993.
Mai de la photo, Reims 1993.
Ricercazione – Alla scoperta di nuovi linguaggi giovanili, Compagnia dei Fotografi, Milano 1993.
Memorie Storiche: Domodossola 1994.
Premio Riccardo Pezza: cfp R. Bauer, Milano 1995.
L’uomo della pioggia: Galleria Fotografica Oca Blu,
Omegna 1998.
Simplon by bus: New Photo Service, Omegna 2011.


Premio Simone Corti: Chiasso 1995.
CSSV Domodossola, 2009.
Tra cielo e terra: Bologna, Torino, Firenze 2011.


The Spider Awards 2012, non pro, abstract.
The International Photography Awards 2012.

My photography works.

Autani Set Frei.

The Autani Set Frei (Seven Brothers) is a religious procession that takes place in the Antrona Valley (Piemonte/North of Italy). It’s the longest procession in the Alps: it lasts one day.

Autani san Giacomo.

This is also a religious procession that takes place in Antrona Valley (Piemonte/North of Italy). The Autani di san Giacomo is shorter and less demanding than the Autani Set Frei.

Sentiero Beltrami.

Sentiero Beltrami is dedicated to the memory of partisan Captain Filippo Maria Beltrami and his team, who fought against the nazi-fascists during the Resistance.

L’uomo della pioggia.

L’uomo della pioggia (The man of the rain) is Giacomo Bortola. Giacomo is an artisan that sells and repairs umbrellas and hats in his old shop in Domodossola.


By bus, ship and train.

This is a project on the border, an issue of the meaning so deep, that can’t be reduced to a simple physical concept (the border between nations) but it is an analysis of the territory, of its elements and a way of traveling.

Simplon by bus.

Travelling by bus in the Swiss postal service on the Alps, between Brig (Switzerland) and Domodossola (Italy).

Lago Maggiore Express.

It’s about a journey from Domodossola (Italy) to Stresa (Italy) through Locarno (Switzerland) by Vigezzina train and by Navigazione Laghi boat.

The Port of Rotterdam.

Travel in The Port of Rotterdam by Spido boat.